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Thu, Dec 17, 2020 5:00 PM


Not receiving emails on Xfinity Connect or

I have done all the suggested steps, filters, spam, forwarding, etc. Spent hours on the phone with tech support. I am not using an email client, but am on the Comcast site. The last email was rec'd 11/27/20. Only spam is being received. But no real emails. I've sent numerous test emails to this account from other accounts, which have not been rec'd. I can send email from this account, but not receive. Comcast says my email is fine. And hung up. It is not fine. Can anyone help me? I believe the problem is on the Comcast end of things, but cannot get them to actually help. My other 2 Comcast accounts are sending and receiving just fine.

I'd appreciate any guidance you might have.



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5 m ago

I fixed this issue for my Mother in law. I turned on auto forwarding and tested an email. After it worked I turned forwarding back off and removed the email address I was forwarding to. Now she is receiving email in her inbox as normal. I was unable to retrieve any emails that were not received between the time the problem started and the fix though.  

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