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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 4:00 AM

Inbox Emails disappeared!!

Annyone else have this happen yesterday!!!!    What is going on Comcast! Help!!  Got a message yesterday my email Inbox was almost full and now a whole lot of emails from my  inbox have vanished. Emails that I desperatly need to have. Just gone and not in Trash nor anywhere and not in Reciver Email Option so what did Comcast do???  I have an urgent need to get them.  Interestingly as I look at this forum I now see the same thing happened to others in the last couple of days this week!!


I see others have had this happen before also earlier months.  I see in these instances  engineers ran a restore process for their  email accounts


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8 m ago

I have had an issue with emails being moved from inbox to trash. This happens when I deleted an adjacent message from the inbox. Often the surrounding messages are deleted too. Comcast please fix! Anyone have a solution?




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8 m ago

I had a whole folder marked SAVED full of important and wanted to save emails  that just disappeared a month or so ago. I kept contacting Comcast - Facebook, Twitter. All I got was a canned response, no reason, return, or apology.

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