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Mon, Dec 14, 2020 9:00 PM

Blocked email and passwords

12/14/20  -  Why is xfinity ignoring established security, blocking access to email, and asking for our email address, as if they didn't already have it?  Has Comcast been hacked by SolarWinds or other hackers?  It seems that Xfinity does not understand that a secure password is secure no matter what, unless Comcast is hacked.  An insecure password is vulnerable no matter what.  Has 2-factor authentication been hacked?  Why is Xfinity not using this method to contact customers, or explaining why the suspicious looking webpage demand that we send someone our email  address?  Can Xfinity/Comcast be trusted any longer for anything?  Fot the time being, this message from some unknown source MUST BE TREATED AS A PHISHING ATTEMPT.  Unfortunately, there is no way to contact Xfinity/Comcast to find out what they are doing.


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