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Mon, Dec 13, 2021 12:55 PM


PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Conversion > Latest Generation Xfinity Home WiFi Cameras with Ethernet into 12v Power Supply Provided

Good Day,

Asking for assistance on providing instructions on PoE options to the newest and latest generation home camera's in order to pair and change out from WiFi.  Would PoE switches do the trick on a successful pairing back to the LAN gateway, while being able to continue using the home app for viewing?  Should this not be an option to those who would like to extend out devices, while securing a solid wired connection?  Thanks for any comments and professional advice!

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Hello there, @CheckChange; how's everything going? Thank you for bringing your question to us through our Forums, and thank you for your patience while awaiting our response. I understand you've been trying to find out some more information on how you can connect our latest generation of Xfinity Home cameras, to your home touch screen, and our Digital Care Team is here, every step of the way!


As for a POE switch, I'm not entirely sure this would do the trick, but I have attached a web page below, which should provide you with the steps on how this can be done. Also, if you'd like to move forward with a possible new order, please send us a private message, including your full name and address. You can send us a private message by clicking on the chat icon, in the top right hand corner of your screen, and once you click on that icon, you'll be able to search "Xfinity Support", which will then give you the ability to send us that private message. Thanks in advance, and I hope this information was helpful!


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Thanks XfinityTyler for accepting the question and giving back!

Ultimately I did install the below with great success, pairing via cat cable and (switch without POE) whereby the injector took care of the 12 Volts needed as presented with the original XW4 XFinity Power Supply Input WiFi, in which we did not want the WiFi. Important to note that I did originally pair the camera to my Xfinity gateway and xFi using the provided XW4 WiFi and instructions, confirmed on the Xfinity apps, and then removed the XW4 to then pair (again) with the POE cat cable (using injector) as the MAC and IP stayed the same!

I am thrilled, but seriously this option should be given to end users in the instructions with references to correct equipment needed. Your development teams need to be aware of the opportunity for home users that want POE and wired cat LAN's only.

What is the development process for suggesting a change (in your leadership's hierarchy), to permit such an option with the Xcam2 to home users?


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