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Wed, Dec 15, 2021 4:43 PM


No PC Windows Access for viewing Xcam2 cameras on

Team Good Morning,

Your suite of services is bold, however to offer:

  1. "Email Icon
  2. "Xfinity Stream Icon"
  3. "Xfinity xFi Icon"
  4. "Voice Icon"
  5. "Xfinity Mobile Icon"

...while displaying a.. :

    6. "Home Icon", > without permitting Windows access to view Xcam2 camera streams is a missed opportunity.  There is a market segment of potential customers that you are excluding, while your competition allows such access on the PC.

What is the development process for suggesting a change, to permit both the Xfinity Home App and Windows access (just like your Xfinity Stream)?


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9 m ago

Hey, @CheckChange! Thanks for bringing another concern to the community. You bring up some interesting points, and I appreciate the feedback!


On March 11th, we removed the Xfinity Home Online Subscriber Portal in order to simplify the ways customers manage their services with us and streamline our app experience.


In early February, we sent customers an email about the portal being removed and directed them to use our mobile apps. From the Xfinity Home app, customers can arm and disarm their system, control smart devices and create automated rules. From the Xfinity app, they can check motion notifications, view their camera’s live feed or a timeline of past events and, if they have 24/7 video recording, view every second of their recorded video.


Customers with their own modems should log in to the Xfinity Home app to manage their camera features. There have been updates to the Xfinity app to allow these customers the full camera experience – such as 24/7 video recording timeline and motion notifications. Also, the model of camera the customer owns determines which app they should use for the best camera experience. Customers with an xCam2, xCam1, or iCamera2 should use the Xfinity app. Customers with older models of the Xfinity Camera should use the Xfinity Home app.


I hope this information helps! Please feel free to submit another public post if any other questions or concerns arise, and we'll always be happy to help however we can :)



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Thanks XfinitySara for accepting the question on this forum and given back.  I cannot mark this as an "Accepted Answer" just yet!

  1. "What is the development process for suggesting a change (in your leadership's hierarchy), to permit both the Xfinity Home App and Windows access (just like your Xfinity Stream)?", given that production had been approved missing a segmented opportunity for customers with an xCam2, xCam1, or iCamera2 who do not own or have access to an app, such as our valued generational elders that only understand Windows.  This really is a missed Xfinity opportunity to be inclusive of those mentioned by me!

Thank you for your consideration and forwarding!   

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