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Tue, Dec 29, 2020 11:00 AM

Service charge in error

Had lines installed in March when I moved in but only half were done....Kept calling to get the rest of the house finished and finally in November a service man came and finished....In all the calling, I was   1st told, there would be a charge and I said, no there wouldn't, the job hadn't been finished in the 1st place..Then they were going to take off $10.00 and I said, still no....Finally, I was scheduled and it was a no show..Seems my call was taken by someone in Africa and he scheduled to apease people...Then I finally did  talk to a real person and they too said, no charge and a service man came, took him about 20 minutes....Just got my monthly bill and there is a charge of $40.00, service charge on the bill......THAIS IS NOT RIGHT......I've been trying to get through and even got the person in Africa once again and after hearing him say, "I'm the person to talk to and he'll take care of it" and being put on hold, I finally told him, he was a scam and hung up.....I want something done!



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5 m ago

Thank you for posting to the Xfinity Forum, @Irishgram13. I'm sorry for the experience you've had. I want to review your account notes to better understanding the repairs we had to make and the charges and credits that have been applied to see if there is any way I can help! Can you send a private message?

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