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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 2:00 AM

Installation issues

I understand completely. 
This is the worst media service provider I have ever dealt with. I don't have the equipment I order but I am being billed for all equipment i.e. XFi Complete modem and internet TV Box.
I was not credited for a 2nd installation visit due to lack of equipment and COVID-19 procedures. The 2nd visit was a disaster.
This has been a most frustrating and disappointing experience I’ve had with a media company. Just for reference my previous service was DISH which is purportedly the worst cable experience.

Service tech arrived with the following equipment

6 TV boxes - 3 internet connect, 3 hardwire, technician indicated per COVID-19 procedures could only connect 1 device
Not received - xFi Complete modem technician indicated none in warehouse suggested I go to store to pickup or call and reschedule delivery of modem or have it mailed.
Technician found there was no hardwired connection available in the home, therefore I needed to call and schedule an additional technician visit to hardwire for additional 3 outlets.
Called Xfinity customer service an hour after the technician left, explained that I didn’t receive the xFi complete modem and that needed an additional visit for hardwire installation. Customer service apologized ordered XFi Complete modem to be delivered and scheduled a next day appointment for 8/20/2020. Customer service rep said would credit the service call charge of $39.99 to mitigate problems with installation.
I home installed 2 other TV boxes using internet connection. TV connections were intermittent because of the current modem capacity or lack of capacity. Realized then that the technician had brought not 6 internet connection TV boxes, but 3 hardwired boxes and 3 internet boxes

Technician arrived around 4pm. Surveyed the situation. Explained that we didn’t need a hardwire installation to the house that all boxes could be connected via internet. Then he discovered the 3 hardwired boxes. He had 2 internet connection boxes in his truck and swapped out 2 of the hardwired boxes. He got in his truck and drove away without asking if there was anything else, he could do, or saying goodbye. His last words to me were that I could go into a store and pickup Xfi modem and exchange last hardwired TV box for internet box. I indicated to him that for what I was paying for the service I shouldn’t have to go anywhere to get my service and equipment setup correctly.
Call Xfinity customer service (call #2) let them know the status of the installation. Customer service apologized again, reviewed the order for the modem and an additional internet TV box. Mail delivery was scheduled for approximately 4 days later. And again, said I would be credited for the service call fee of $39.99.
I hooked up one additional box bringing the total of TVs to 4 out of 6. This caused problems with TV watching on all TVs connected due to the overload on the current capacity of the existing modem.

I again called customer service. They indicated my order for the Xfi modem and TV box were on hold and that the situation would be escalated to have it taken care of.
I have been extremely upset with this situation, so much so, that I couldn’t trust myself to remain calm on the phone with customer service to get action.
I have not been contacted by Xfinity for follow-up. 

Received email from Xfinity indicating my bill was ready for review. I looked at the bill and lost my perspective due to my outrage, frustration, and disappointment.
The bill was $542.11



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7 m ago

Hi, xfiunhappy. So sorry to hear about your experience and the way that everything took place. I would like to offer help/support with this to see what we can do to turn things around for you. Please send me a PM with your first and last name so I can review your account and help from there. 


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