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Wed, Jun 16, 2021 4:41 AM

How to get chat support to listen

I'm very frustrated with the experience on live chat of being treated like an idiot.

I've had the same issue on May 31st and June 15th where my modem wouldn't be detected by the status check equipment and had effectively no upload bandwidth.

On the first occurrence it showed as 51-500 customers on the outage map so I just waited a few hours.

This occurrence wasn't showing as an outage but nothing I could do would convince that person on chat that it isn't an issue with my equipment.  After the better part of 40 minutes, and being told to do the trouble shooting steps that I had already done prior to starting the chat, they tried to schedule a totally unneeded technician visit.  I told them No and disconnected from chat is frustration.

2 hours later, with nothing ever showing on the outage map, things resolved.

Is there a secret to get the support personnel not to treat a customer like an idiot?


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1 m ago

Hey there, @rossmanbe1, thank you for taking the time to post on our Xfinity Forums page and letting us know about your experience. I am sorry to hear it was anything less than satisfactory. Working from home and relying heavily on an internet connection I can completely understand how frustration it would be to not only experience issues with your services but to spend so much time trying to get support.


Please rest assured, you have reached the right team! We can definitely work together to make this right. How have your services been working since the issue last occurred? Has there been any interruptions or drop in service?

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