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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 1:18 PM

Help - can't get repair - it has been a week

We had lighting strike a week ago.  

Called.  Technician out Monday.  He could not fix.  Kicked it to maintenance - he also came out Monday and could not fix.  He supposedly kicked it to the construction team.  Two different sets of folks came out Tuesday - they did same things first  2 guys did.  Got call saying it was fixed - it isn't.  Person said they would reach out to construction.  Wednesday - no one here and no info.  Called into help line - got supervisor - said they talked to dispatch and they would call back by 6pm to give update.  No call back.  Called at noon Thursday - first rep hung up when I asked for supervisor.  Called back - talked to rep no supervisor available - they will call me back in ten minutes.  No call back (buy set up service call for Friday with tech - not sure why, guess they like wasting money doing the same things that don't work over and over again.  I called back at 1pm.  Got person actually in US - she said escalated to her leadership team.  She will call back when she has info.  Sitting her 9am Friday - week after outage started.  Not sure what to do to get info on status of repair if any.  

Any ideas or thoughts on how to get resolved or contact someone outside if the call center who can do more than follow a call script?


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2 m ago

Oh my goodness! I'm truly sorry to hear that this has been your experience. I would absolutely love to look into this further and see what is happening. I know in my house our internet is life, we rely on it for so much from work to entertainment. Please send us a private message with your name and service address to Xfinity Support by clicking the chat icon at the top right of the page.


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