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Fri, Jan 29, 2021 8:00 PM

Don't remember agreeing to a data cap?

Don't remember agreeing anywhere to data cap? Besides raising my rates recently, is this a way for Comcast to get more money to pay for all the special social programs you are throwing at us?

Also doubt the accuracy of your readings. Want to have a breakdown of how I am using internet to cross check against.

Since there is no option to contact anyone by email will come to this forum first. Been collecting some of your emails and messages to other customers through social media. Some interesting reports coming from people as to how much they are allegedly using.






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5 m ago

Your area is in the last region to be switched to data caps.  Your agreeing to it is/was not required.  If you frequently use more than 1.2TB per month, there is an unlimited data plan option.  The price depends on whether you are renting one of their gateways or have your own modem/router.  If you are using an approved gateway, the unlimited will cost you an additional $11 per month.  If you are using your own hardware, it will cost you $30 per month.  You may want to look at the link below; scroll down to the bottom and browse the Frequently Asked Questions;




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