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Sun, Mar 29, 2020 2:00 PM

AMC Premiere

We signed up for AMC premiere (at $4.99) two nights ago so I can watch Better Call Saul season 5. No matter what I try to watch it on tv, phone, laptop, I-pad. It states I can watch them for $2.99.
What gives? 



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1 y ago

It's not cool man, I saw the same thing and looked it up:


"Due to licensing restrictions, new episodes of Better Call Saul Season 5 will only be available for limited timeframes on and AMC Apps.

What if I have AMC Premiere?

The episode availability window is the same for AMC Premiere members."


someone in another thread posted this:

‎04-01-2020 12:50 AM
Re: Better Call Saul - some missing?

Like many shows, only about the last 5 are kept available free.

Episode 503 expires 04/01/2020, so watch it soon!
Episode 504 expires 04/08/2020.

Episode 505 expires 04/15/2020.

Episode 506 expires 04/22/2020.

Episode 507 expires 04/02/2020, but expect it to be replaced by a 04/29/2020 expiration.

It's worth checking the expiration dates on any show you want to watch all of.

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