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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 9:00 AM

5 Digit Channel Numbers on Official Channel Lineup Page

Good afternoon,

Can someone from Comcast confirm what the 5-digit channel numbers on the official lineup page are for? They don't appear to be accessible through an X1 box.

Even on analog only lineups, these are showing as HD, and show channels not otherwise on a system and appear to be standardized through the country.

The numbers for these start with 20100 with shopping channels, and continue to include all national networks (no local stations are in this tier).




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5 m ago

This is interesting as I saw the same thing on the official Comcast lineup page and the same that they are not available on my X1 box.


I was at my local Comcast  office on Tuesday and talked with 2 representatives and they had not heard of these channels and didn't know anything about them.  So here are 5 digit channels listed on a Comcast  website page and seemingly no one knows anything about them at one of their offices and no response either from someone at Comcast to your post.   



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