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Sun, Aug 1, 2021 2:20 PM

They charge me $100 fee

They charge me $100 tech visit fee. When I schedule I ask the agent to make sure there is no fee. Agent confirmed on chat that there will be no fee for this visit and they still charge me to send tech to restart modem!!! I found out these charges when I receive my bill and now they tell me that it’s a valid charge. How come valid???  It’s stealing money by imposing charges on customer

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6 m ago

Hi there @user_6d955f!  Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to Xfinity here on our Community Forum.  We are so glad to hear from you and ready to assist in any way that we can with your billing.  So that we can get started on this for you please feel free to send us a private message with your full name, complete service address and account information.


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6 m ago


If the modem was one you own and a tech came out and "restarted it", then you would be charged a fee.  If the modem is one you are renting, then there shouldn't be a charge.



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3 m ago

Happened to me also, I had to call abou ten times to get it removed!



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@user_d8bf13     Then I had an ongoing issue with internet outage I didnt want to call because I knew they would more than likely charge $100 again, finally I had no choice, they came out and since the problem was outside there was no charge, The customer rep told me she would reduce my bill by $25.00, I thanked her, fastforward my bill came and no deduction, HAD to call again and then THEY REMOVED the discount of $25.00 On another note Comcast was in my front yard and completely destroyed the front yard of my yard and my two neighbors, I had to complain and they came by a week later to fix it (at least.) Had I not complained I would have had to deal with a pile of dirt in front of my  house and smooshed bushes, did I mention broken glass too? 




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2 m ago

I’m just so disappointed in this company 

the same thing happened to me we moved took our modern which are under internet essentials my daughters were taking classes at home after a month my internet stopped working 

I started to chat with someone at night trying to get things running because my daughters had school the next day we couldn’t get it to work she tried multiple times without any success and so did i for hours we tried till she said she needed to send someone in I agree sign the papers she read to me COVID restrictions from when the technician came in never did she said you will be getting charge nor did I ask I mean I’m under a program that is helping me

pay for something that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pay you will think that is the first thing they will warned you about

I mean The guy came in switch the box to another room because he said signal was higher there didn’t change any cables because he couldn’t reach the attic in the garage because of all our moving stuffs and then I get a bill for $100 I’m just absolutely disgusted because it’s not just happening to me but with other people as well and they continue to do so without any regards to the customers specially with all happening prices going up I mean you will think but I know better then to know when things like this keep happening without any change or regards to customers how easily one day they’ll get replaced 

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