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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 10:00 AM


I am a low income single mother who is enrolled in internet essentials. As of September , due to remote learning because of COVID, my son has gone over in usage. The charged me an extra 70 dollars. I contacted them and after being transferred to a couple of people I ended up with a “customer concern agent”. We chatted and she went on to help me with a 70 dollar credit and told me I can keep my essentials package and pay an extra 24.99 a month for unlimited usage. I clarified to understand that for 35 dollars my internet essentials package would be that a month. Internet essentials have no other fees no taxes no extra fees. I checked my bill they never credited me and my next bill is 104 the charge me another 60 fee for usage. When I tried to get the transcripts of where the agent told me this they said they don’t keep copies of the transcripts which I don’t believe. Hellllllppp please my son needs this for school and I can’t afford it.





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Your issue has been escalated to the Comcast Corporate Team available to the Forums.  A member of that team will reply to your post as quickly as they are able, so check back often.
In the meantime, please do not send a PM to an Official Employee unless requested because it is against the Forum Guidelines and the Acceptable Use Policy.  

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Hi @Ieinoh

Thanks for posting to the Xfinity Forums to get assistance. As a single mother with kids also, I understand the importance of having a stable internet connection for remote learning. We can help get this figured out and your son back in class. Please send me a private message with your full name as it appears on your billing statement. To send a message, click on my name "ComcastChe," then click "send a message.

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