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internet speed

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Re: internet speed

geraldoc wrote:

my i-mac is connected directly to my modem. My internet speed is variable and I believe that is related to the age (7 years) and lack of available storage on my computer. However, my kids complain of slow internet speeds on their laptops at various places in our home. I just tested my internet connection - download spd is 245mb/s, upload 11.24mb/s and ping 57ms. Is the problem my router (Apple, purchased 4-5 years ago)?

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Re: internet speed

Seems like your iMac is fine since it's hard wired to the router.  You might have an issue with the WIFI not reaching the other parts of the house hence the complaints on other devices.  A small splurge on an AC rated router would probably help the kids be happier.  4-5 years ago would put the router you have on either G or N and that's been replaced with AC and upcoming AD (AD wifi cards aren't available yet) and in a couple of years AX.


I would head off to wal-mart or something and pick on up and let them test it for a week or so and see if the complaints go away Smiley Wink