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ar tg862g vs wireless gateway

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ar tg862g vs wireless gateway

Is the wireless gateway much better than the AR TG862G?  With the AR, the wireless signal in my house is horrible when it comes to streaming. Lots of buffering and just stopping the entire stream. I ordered the Wireless Gateway.  Will I get a better signal for streaming?  What is the difference between the two?


Re: ar tg862g vs wireless gateway

Hi Kimmunikata -- Wireless Gateway is a broad term for a multi-functional device that delivers Xfinity Voice service and an Xfinity Internet connection to a customer's home network. The TG862G is considered a Wireless Gateway as it has these functions. That particular Gateway is one of the 1st generation of Wireless Gateways. While that model does work with our service, it is possible that it's being pushed to its limit which could be causing the symptoms you described. A newer model may help with your connectivity. Do you know what model you're getting? I can do a comparison between your TG862G and the new one you're getting.