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accessing Plex server away from home

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accessing Plex server away from home

So witht the fact that Comcast has changed my plan so that it no loger includes unlimited data for my internet i have a question.

Here is the scenerio

I am using a andriod tablet that is on t-mobile service and data and i want to stream from a plex server that uses a library on my home computer located at home. If i stream from work thru my tmobile data plan and access the plex server that is using my home computer library will this also count against my COMCAST DATA USAGE or just tmobile

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Re: accessing Plex server away from home


Your T-Mobile data is being used to get the data that your Plex server is using your data to push to you.

In Sinpler terms, your T-Mobile data is downloading what your Plex server is uploading to you.

Last time I checked all inbound and outbound traffic on your home network is counted.