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Wifi Speeds Seem to be Slowing

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Wifi Speeds Seem to be Slowing



According to Comcast's speed test, our wifi speeds hover around 150mbps, which seems like it'd be more than enough. We're in a small 1000 sq ft, one story apartment yet streaming tv continues to cut out and buffer. Anything more than 15 ft away from the router struggles to maintain a reliable connection. We have to be very cognizant about how many devices we're using now; although, this doesn't seem to help much.


Every time I contact Comcast about this, they say all is working within spec and to get closer to the router...I'm at the point now where the router sits on a box in the center of my apartment so, not sure what my options are unless any time I choose to use a device in my apartment I simply walk my TV over to the router? My only option according to them is to upgrade.


Is this really my only option? I had the same package at my last place and it was much bigger with no trouble, which is why I hesitate (and annoyed if I'm honest). Can I get a different router? Any thoughts you may have are appreciated.




Re: Wifi Speeds Seem to be Slowing

Some tips for improving WiFi performance;


There are other options. Google for WiFi repeaters / range extenders, WiFi mesh systems / pods, powerline ethernet adapters, MoCA adapters. Good luck !