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Trouble setting up router behind SMC modem

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Hi All,

 Hoping someone might have some tips for me. I spoke with the gateway support team and they changed my SMC router to the straight gateway/bridge option. If I plug directly from my laptop to the SMC, I have internet connectivity. So I know that aspect is working. I have a Cisco RV220W router that I want to be between the internet/SMC gateway and my network. For the life of me, I cannot get the internet connectivity to pass through to the router. I've done the proper power on order numerous times. Tried variations just for the heck of it. And nothing. Am I missing a step? If I do the "wizard" on the router, it basically tells me it sees no gateway even available. There is no option in the router settings for me to specify like the DHCP server I should be reaching out (if there even is one). Should I be using a static IP instead? There is an option within the settings to set it as gateway or router. Tried both options with no luck. Completely perplexed at this point. Am I supposed to reach out to Comcast and provide them like my router MAC addy so it can push it an IP? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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From the routers manual:


Configuring a DHCP Connection
If you have a dynamic DHCP connection to the Internet, your PC receives its IP
address from your cable or DSL modem. This address can change.
Follow these steps:
STEP 1 Choose Networking > WAN > IPv4 WAN Configuration.
STEP 2 In the Internet Address section, in the IP Address Source field, choose
Get Dynamically from ISP.
STEP 3 In the Domain Name System (DNS) Servers section, in the DNS Server Source
field, choose either:
• Get Dynamically from ISP—Your ISP automatically connects you to a DNS
server that translates host names of computers into numeric IP addresses.


So my question, is it configured for DHCP Auto?