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Setting up wireless router 1st time

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I have a new Linksys wireless router and am getting ready to set it up for the first time. I was told that initally I need to unplug the cable modem and take the battery out before I plug in the wireless router. Is this correct?  If so do I then install the software that came with the router.
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Unless you have a telephony modem (the type used with Comcast's digital phone service), there is no battery and you just have to unplug the modem's power cord for a minute or so. If the modem does have battery backup then it will have a reset button, usually behind a small hole in the back of the modem, and pressing and holding the reset button for a short time (30 seconds should be plenty) takes the place of power-cycling.

You don't really need the software that comes with the router. It's factory default settings should work just fine with Comcast, and you can can always make configuration adjustments via the router's built-in web page at . All you really need to do is follow the steps in the How to Secure a Wireless Router sticky thread at the top of this forum.

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Most wireless routers (including Linksys) work on the Comcast system just as they come out of the box, so installing software is unnecessary and may cause additional problems.  Turn your pc('s) off and unplug the power cord to the modem.  After a couple of minutes, plug the power cord to the modem in and wait for the modem to sync up (when the various indicator lights reach their normal status).  Connect an ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port of the router, plug in the router's power cord and wait for the indicator lights to settle down.  Use another ethernet cable to connect your wired pc to one of the LAN (numbered) ports on the router and then start up the wired pc.  You should have a connection to the internet.  Your security software may see a "new network connection" in which case you may need to allow your new setup.

After the wired connection is working OK, you can tackle the wireless connection.  The default settings allow anyone with a wireless adapter to access your wireless access point, so you should read and follow Baric's stickie at the top of this forum about wireless security.

Sorry about that Melvin, I did not see your post.  Great minds (???) think alike; that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

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