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SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

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SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting


Hoping someone can help with this issue.


I installed a SB8200 modem back in August 2017.  It has been working fine until recently.  Now it will not connect at all.  A Comcast tech came out today and said everything up to the modem looks good (signal level wise).  I do not have access to the modem right now to post logs or the status page.  I am wondering if just describing what the four led lights are doing will lead to somewhere.  Here is what the lights do...


POWER - on and solid

RECEIVE - blinks green for a bit then turns solid green (I believe this normally turns blue)

SEND - blinks green for a bit then turns solid green

ONLINE - flashing and never turns solid


The lights just continuosly repeat the sequence above.


The Arris online troubleshooting page says a flashing ONLINE light says IP registration is unsuccessful.  I am guessing that is because the modem is never connecting.



Re: SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

Hi @jictak

First, check if there is an outage in your area.

Otherwise, you'll prob need a tech to figure out what's happening. 



I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

Hello jictak. I can assist with further troubleshooting your modem connectivity issue. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and account primary phone number so I can assist you. 

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Re: SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

Just to update this thread... I still cannot get the SB8200 to work. Had a Comcast tech come out and tell me something is wrong with my modem. The tech watched what my modem did, unplugged my modem, plugged in a line tester, said the levels looked good, went to get a Comcast modem, plugged that in, of course the Comcast locked and worked. The tech said I would need to use the Comcast modem or go get a new modem. I am currently using the Comcast modem and my modem was unprovisioned. The tech also said in the past week or so there have been quite a few customer owned modems elsewhere in the area that have stopped working. Really frustrating. Not sure what I am going to try next.

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Re: SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

If you bought that SB8200 retail, note that Arris has a two year warranty for their modems. I suggest you give their technical support a call.

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Re: SB8200 Modem Stopped Connecting

I contacted Arris through online chat. Arris wanted me to hold the factory reset button for 30 seconds and try the provision with Comcast again. I tried that last night and it still failed. So now I have an Arris RMA and will be going through their replacement process for a week or so.