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Re: Internet VERY slow in evening, 7pm-12am

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Re: Internet VERY slow in evening, 7pm-12am

Can you believe the phoney baloney Comcast/Xfinity advertising about high internet speeds?

Sure -- during the day and at 3 AM my speed is 100 MBPS and higher.

But I live in Chicago in a large condominium building, and when all of my neighbors are streaming and on line my down speed can fall to 1 MBPS or less... so slow that my cell phone stops working on my router and looking things up can become very slow.

So... you call Comcast technical support - and they want to check YOUR router, your computer etc. They want to send someone out -- who finds NOTHING wrong.

The issue is - they are SELLING YOU super high internet speed, but its all a smoke screen.

There is only so much bandwidth in your neighborhood -- and naturally, in the evening, when all of your NEIGHBORS are using their internet at the same time -- your speed falls down to near zero.

So who is at fault??? Are YOU at fault.

NO... you are getting taken advantage of by Comcast/Xfinity -- paying for high speed internet that you are not getting!!! Listen to their advertisements... all PHONEY BALONEY.

I think we are all PAYING for something we are not GETTING and that our rates should be significantly discounted.

A list should be published of any State or Federal agencies that we can complain to about this horrible abuse.







Re: Internet VERY slow in evening, 7pm-12am

That's not how your internet should be functioning. Do you want help?


Re: Internet VERY slow in evening, 7pm-12am

Hi bonemd -- nerdburg is correct that your Internet services should not be working that why. Our Internet services are not designed to slow to a crawl like that during higher traffic times. I can have this checked out for you. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication.