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New all in one modem and router

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We had comcast move our service from our old house in Palmetto Bay to our new home in Coral Gables, In doing so we upgraded to BLAST!  When the right technician showed up after 7 either missed or wrong team being sent appointments, the service and the new all in one gateway was installed.  Because we had not yet occupied the home we could not fully test the WiFi, having moved in we found the coverage to be extremely poor and the internet service to be sketchy.  We have two desktops hard wired to the modem and they are "ok" certainly not Blast ok, connecting to the wifi is almost impossible even when standing next to the gateway.  We contacted Comcast and they sent a tech out today.  He will not swap the Gateway even when we showed him the problem, he says it is new (as is all the Comcast wiring in the house) and that the signal strength on the Gateway "Is What it Is".  He checked our connection at the box at the hosue which is new and found it ok, went to the pole and believes there is a problem and yet another service team (Pole) will be out within 72 hours.  Despite this we the ability to log into the WiFi is compromised and he says that there is not much that can be done.   THere are no concrete walls and the IPADs, Laptops, and Wifi TV's all in line of sight or in adjacent room still cannot log in unless you attempt 10-15 times and when it does the router will drop the connection or no internet.  We have had wifi servioce for years in two homes and never this problem, we stayed with Comcast because of the history...but after 8 visitis and no resolution and $300 - I guess I'll wait the 72 hours....but ouch this is painful --- maybe U-Verse is a better option.  By the way I took 4 vacation days for various comcast calls.  Frustrated in COral Gables, any suggestions

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Many comcast customers using those gateway have reported to have lots of problems with them. They are know to have weak wifi signals. My advice is to call 1-800 363-2416 and get help to but the gateway in bridge mode so that it will be used as a plain modem and go get a router and hook it up to the modem.