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Motorola SBG 6580 Firmware upgrade request

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I activated service on my cable line today using a cable modem I bought several months ago.

I would like to request that the firmware on my Motorola SBG 6580 (SBG6580-
 be upgraded remotely so that ipv6, and other functionality be enabled.


I posted my modem details in the Comcast Direct form on dslreports.com


Please do contact me if additional details are required.


Thanks in advance..


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Well first we will need to check your service area for IPv6.  Send me a PM with your Cable Modem MAC Address and I will look this up.


Second you will need to check http://mydeviceinfo.comcast.net/ for the cable modem support along with router support.  Your router needs to support DHCPv6 for this to work.

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Thanks for the reply.


I've sent you a note via private message with details. 


Look forward to your reply



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An update for folks following this thread...


Comcast got back to me relatively quickly. Seems they are working on an firmwar upgrade for the  Motorola SBG 6580. Once it is tested, it will be deployed automatically.


Hopefully it will add ipv6 and perhaps other features Smiley Happy


In the meantime, i've placed the modem in Bridge mode and have it connected to a Soekris 6501 device running pfsense 2.0.1 so that I can have a great deal of additional features and sevices.





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Found on the web that the Charter cable folks were waiting for version 3.5 of the firmware to be deployed in June.  Checked mine and it's running SBG6580- so I guess Comcast has deployed it.


Still getting serious fluctuations in wireless signal strength.  I'm less than 20 feet away, through two wood walls and my signal strength is 60%  but often drops to 36%, according to Lenovo's Access Connections app.  If I move into the same room as the AP signal strength is only 89% and I'm within 8' of the blasted thing, This is rediculous.  At my old house, I had a  single FIOS wireless that I could get a great signal even in my back yard.


I've tried changing channels and that did jump my signal strength from 89% to 100% while in the same room but when I moved back out two rooms it dropped to 29%.


Any suggestions?

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i an running SBG6580-  (3.5) SAME THING IT NOT THE SOFTWARE. IT THE LINES ON THE POLES. Line share with tv or to fast for there out dated cable lines. I had sb6121 did same thing storm got it. update to SBG6580 / this is all over the USA same thing. They say reboot. SB. rework your line system. Line noise timeing out. There not going to tell us it the wiring system on the poles. 

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