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Major Internet Slow Down

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Major Internet Slow Down

My internet had been about 23 mbps (on a good day), and just yesterday it has gone into the KBps speeds. Pay for up to 150 mbps speeds, which we only got the first day of the upgrade. Use the Xfinity X1 playform, so no personal router/modem. We even just got a new X1 gateway which still didn't improve internet speeds. I know speeds can be based on location, but to go from at least 20 mbps on a good day, to this weekend being on kbps is ridiculous. Any suggestions, or should I have a tech come out and make sure nothing needs replaced?


Re: Major Internet Slow Down

Start here: troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please post your equipment details (make/model of your modem/gateway/router) and a screenshot of your signal levels and your error/event log. Thank you!