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MAC address filtering

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MAC address filtering

My new HP printer can not connect to my wireless router.  I've tried restarting both, with no effect.  The printer analysis says the problem might be that MAC address filtering is enabled on my router, and if so, to add the MAC address of my printer.  How do I find if it's enabled, and if so, how do I add the MAC address of my printer?

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Re: MAC address filtering

MAC filtering isn't enabled by default.  Are you connect via Ethernet or WIFI?  I know my printer only connects on the 2.4Ghz signal and doesn't find it if it's hidden when setting it up.  Once it's setup though it works great.  Even when replacing my routers as long as I rename the SSID's to what's previously configured it picks it up and works w/o having to reconnect it to the wifi manually.