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Is my wifi hotspot under maintenance

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Is my wifi hotspot under maintenance

I connect to a wifi hotspot with MAC 8A:23:AE:74:F8:13 at ~ 280 nw 20th st, Boca Raton, 33431


This hotspot has worked well for me in the past but last night it went down and hasn't come back online.

Is there any way to see if this hotspot is under maintenace?

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Re: Is my wifi hotspot under maintenance

Download the XFinity Hotspot app to your smartphone, it'll map all public, commercial Xfinity Hotspots to your area.


It won't, however, map xfinitywifi hotspots that are linked to private residences. 


(FYI, the address you provided maps to La Vida Apartments, and it shows as online currently). 

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