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How can I increase my Wifi speed?

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How can I increase my Wifi speed?

Hi All.


Im having a difficult time figuring this out. I have a macbook pro. My modem is the Arris 6190. My router is the airport express. I have the performance pro package. If I connect the ethernet cable directly to my computer then I get download speeds up to 160 mbps.  When I use my wifi then I get around 50-60 mbps. How can I get this to be faster? I've tried the following: 1. changed channels on the 2.4ghz. 2. changed channels on the 5 ghz. 3. restarting modem a bunch of times. 4. restarted router a few times. 5. Restarted my computer a few times.  I'm just out of ideas at this point. Is this the max I can expect from wifi? BTW my router and modem are both about 8 feet from me and there is no wall between us. Thank you in advance for any advice.


Re: How can I increase my Wifi speed?

You may want to consider upgrading to a router with more horsepower / faster processor / that does gigabit. That router only has 802.11 "N" capability. Get a router that does "802.11 "AC"