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How Much Packet Loss/Latency is Acceptable And How Do I Get Comcast to Address It?

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So I am seeing a fair amount of latency (averages around 1500 msec) and 100% packet loss situations on the node listed as my gateway x.x.x.1 and usually the next three levels up (I am running PingPlotter to the Comcast backbone router).  While these issues happen at various times throughout the day, they appear to cluster approximately every six hours, happening at 5-5:30 AM, 11-11:30 AM, 5-5:30PM, and 11-11:30 PM.  I have been using PingPlotter over the last week to assess the situation.


I took the splitter off my cabel modem and rerouted the cable so it does not go through my UPS surge suppressor.  While I am seeing about 3 dB/mV less signal on the upstream and less T3 timeouts, it does not seem to have affected the latency and packet loss situation.  When the situation hits, my internet throughput drops to almost nothing and web pages hang while loading.  I am paying for 50 MB service and I use it to make financial transactions, so even a 5 minute drop out can cost me hundreds of dollars.


I have had two techs out to my house and they measured everything with their meters (this was before I removed my UPS and cable splitter from the line) and told me everything looked fine.  I cannot seem to get past first level Philippine call center support, and they are pretty useless.  They just tell you to unhook your router before they can do anything, which I have done several times with no change in the situation.


How in the heck can you get Comcast to look at their nodes?  Who do you have to contact?  The first tech who came to my house said he had another call on my block for the same reported problem.  It still is a problem and it's now one week later.  I would appreciate any suggestons from the collective wisdom on this forum.