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Help with connecting a PC and PS3

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I have just signed up for comcast high speed and i did it so that my boyfriend would be able to connect to the internet through his playstation 3. The internet is working just fine on the PC but we can not figure out how to connect the PS3 to the internet also. We have the modem that comcast provided,  a linksys wirelsess g usb adapter (wusb54g), and a d-link ethernet broadband router. I figured that we could just connect the pc to the modem, the modem to the router and the ps3 also to the router but im not sure. The problem with trying this is that we only have 2 ethernet cables and (2) the usb cord that came with the linksys. We had the pc connected to the modem with an ethernet and then the ps3 also to the modem with one of the usb cords but it only worked sometimes. Now the ps3 comes with a wireless already installed and it will pick up (usually) 2 SSID to connect to but if you try to connect to these it askes for the WEP/WPA and that we dont have. Sometimes it will show a default SSID and that one is not  secured (so no WEP) but it still only will connect to it sometimes. I dont know exactly what to do but dont understand why if the ps3 comes with the wireless already and we have comcast why cant we connect some how? It is real frustrating and kinda a waste to have this expensive ps3 and unable to use it to its full potential. 
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Reset your router to factory defaults. With the power on, push and hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds.

Turn everything off – cable modem, router, PC, PS3 – and let them sit for a few minutes. If you have a modem that has a battery backup (telephony modems often do), press and hold its reset button for at least 30 seconds.

The order in which you do the following steps is critical - don't improvise! Turn on the cable modem, and let it come all the way up. Connect the WAN port of the router (the one that’s by itself) to the cable modem, and turn on the router. Wait for the router to come all the way up. Connect your PC to one of the LAN ports on the router (there are usually 4 of them, grouped together), and boot the PC.  Use the ethernet cables for both of these connections - don't use the USB cable for anything.

Last, boot up your wireless PS3, and let it find the wireless signal. Once it’s working properly, check the top thread in this forum about how to secure the wireless connection and prevent others from stealing your bandwidth.