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Gigabyte Speed internet is VERY slow

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Gigabyte Speed internet is VERY slow

I just subscribed to gigspeed internet today, currently (at around 9:23 pm) I'm only getting 6 Mbs~ over wifi even on Xfinity's own speed test website ( I understand speeds will be lower over wireless, but when im getting 6/1000 Mbs, I feel like there is definitely something wrong. This is literally <1% of what I'd paid for. I've tried everything from restarting the router and changing channels. Restarting the router only works for about 10 minutes before the speed tanks again. I just moved from one part of my neighbourhood to another too, I feel like @Comcast has a network congestion issue on their end, but I don't know how to get them to address it.  Tips?


Re: Gigabyte Speed internet is VERY slow

What is the exact make and model number of your modem ?