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Connection Bad ..

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Connection Bad ..

I have been unable to stream video and audio is very choppy since the comcast speed increase.

I have power cycled the modem numerous times.

Called comcast they said they do not see a problem.

I have hooked the pc directly to the modem and still have the probem.

The video will not play it is very jerky and continues to buffer and i can not go anywhere near 360p let alone 720 or 1080 on youtube videos fullscreen.

Have same problem on any streaming video sites.

I had no issues before the speed increase but right after i power cycled the modem the problem showed up.

I have tried to run shaperprobe for the last week and i keep getting server timed out or request aborted?

I have had pings no less then 71 and as high as 411 and when i speed test i use to see the speed go up to around 23mbps and stay there until it finished but now it will stall about 4 to 5 mbps for about 10 seconds then jump to 38mbps then drop way back down to 20`s then back up again.

I have run traceroute to comcast.net and keep getting request timed out.

I have windows vista laptop with a ARRIS 722 comcast modem with a belkin n 150 router and i have a usb n dongle.

This is a new line in from post and 1 splitter on line which comcast installed so it can not or should not be a wiring problem and i have checked all the connections inside but i can not check the box outside since it is locked and this is a apt. complex i have no access to it.

If you need and other info please let me know and thanks.

here are the stats from the modem .



Status HW/FW Versions Event Log CM State Advanced
RF Parameters

DCID Freq Power SNR Modulation Octets Correcteds Uncorrectables
Downstream 1 2 657.00 MHz -6.10 dBmV 36.17 dB 256QAM 2130514497 683 0
Downstream 2 3 663.00 MHz -6.73 dBmV 36.84 dB 256QAM 1385368292 1454 0
Downstream 3 7 687.00 MHz -5.08 dBmV 37.94 dB 256QAM 1501249318 1303 0
Downstream 4 8 693.00 MHz -5.14 dBmV 37.94 dB 256QAM 1415236453 1221 0
Reset FEC Counters

UCID Freq Power Channel Type Symbol Rate Modulation
Upstream 1 7 36.20 MHz 51.00 dBmV DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) 5120 kSym/s 64QAM
Upstream 3 8 29.40 MHz 50.50 dBmV DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) 5120 kSym/s 64QAM
Upstream 4 9 22.00 MHz 50.00 dBmV DOCSIS1.x (TDMA) 2560 kSym/s 16QAM