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Comcast Dropped Out Again (and again and again and again)

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I have a 4hr radio streaming recording going every weekday 0600-1000.  Windows XP PC automatic power on, browser launch (radio station player), streaming recorder launch.  It dual records both an analog audio out and a digital stream. It breaks every 30min and retunes.  I do everything in my power to make it fail safe.  It's about 95% reliable and the major weak link is Comcast.  Comcast will drop out and sense nothing and leave my recording system blank - zero-zip-nada. 



This morning everything started up normally, I heard the PC "chime" as it booted, and my remote speaker gave me the audio from the radio station, which I then turned off being confident it is tuned in.  Then a half hour later Comcast simply stops streaming and I miss the entire show. 



I just have to ask Xfinity/comcast - why isn't there any kind of artificial intelligence on your end that can sense a total disconnect and send a reboot or restart signal to the modem?  Why is all the trouble shooting and sensing on the customer side?  Didn't we invent computers to automate this kind of self-maintenance?  The remote control technology to do this is 40years old.  The increased cost of the embedded processor, firmware switching and necessary programming would amortize out to about 50cents a modem.



Is this drop out deliberate because you think my system is on a bot net?  Weeks ago you contacted me and implied my system was "infected" and I needed to buy some expensive malware utility. All my internet vulnerable systems run in a sandboxed mode ( virtual protected isolation), and I have heuristics and scanning malware tools in use daily.  Don't you have any idea how people use PCs to gather world wide media streams?  MY PC is constantly recording radio from 0600 off-and-on until about 1500, sometimes as many as four radio stations at once, it is NOT a bot net invasion. All I want from my cable provider is basic reliability.