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Can't connect to the internet via the hotspot

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Ive got a head-scratcher. I can connect easily to my wifi hotspot, but always says 'Cannot connect to the internet'. Yet the tech I had here today could connect to it with his phone. I never, ever get to the screen that lets you sign in. 


I'm obviously missing something here, but haven't got a clue as to what it is. My old netbook here is running Win7 Starter, if that helps.


Another thing which I found incredulous was that the tech claimed that I couldn't control enabling / disabling my hotspot; I then showed him the page where you can, and he knew absolutely nothing about it. In fact he didn't know that you have your own individual hotspot. Another person on the online agent chat suggested I was seeing my neighbor's XfinityWifi signal - a notion I quickly disputed by simply moving my operating channel, and sure enough my XfinityWifi hotspot moved along with it. 


The enable / disable hotspot page obviously won't work if it can't read the status of your hotspot if it's not able to be connected to the internet. It's illogical.


I'm very quickly becoming tired of the run-arounds - it would really be helpful if I could get a straight answer. Why in the heck can't I connect to the Internet via the hotspot?  Right now, the so-called feature is totally useless   Mike

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There is no benefit for you to connect to the Xfinity hotspot unstead of your own Wireless network.  Any bandwave used will still count to you and it may be slower than your wireless network on the same router.


The hotspots are Xifinity's way of providing roaming wireless to other Xfinity customers and has no added benefit for you personally unless you are using an Xfinity hotspot away from your home.


The Login name and password for your xfinity account login is that what you are using?

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I don't even make it that far. I can connect to my 'xfinitywifi' just fine, but I also get a message saying 'cant connect to the internet'. I NEVER see the signin page that's mentioned on the wifi home page


I wouldn't need it, but if a family member does, it would be handy to have, given that you can (supposedly) enable or disable it on the wifi page. I could leave it disabled until it's needed.



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I had this problem all over town and it was getting worse and worse as more hotspots came online close to each other.  Here's what's wrong:


You go into a bar.  Standing in the doorway, you say, loudly, "Hey, Mike!"  22 people named "Mike" turn around and stare at you for more information.  You, lacking Mike Murphy's last name, say, "Hey, Mike!", again to 22 angry Mikes who all try to answer you at the same time in a mass confusion as they are all Mike.  Everyone is lost as you can't talk to 22 people simultaneously.  That's what Comcast has done to crash wifi across America.  Every Comcast wifi hotspot has the SAME EXACT SSID, "xfinitywifi".


So, your stupid Windows/IOS/Android/Apple computer calls to connect to "xfinitywifi".  At my local Waffle House, 15 of them all answer my call SIMULTANEOUSLY and, usually, nothing even connects.  If one does connect, in the off chance one is a little stronger than the rest, the first time you send data to it, they all start calling and calling trying to reconnect.  We sit with a professional networking program and joke about how stupid this is from this giant communications company that should, but doesn't, know better.  Unless you can get close enough to ONE xfinitywifi that obliterates the signals from all the other xfinitywifi stations on the channel (1 or 6, sometimes 11), it WON'T WORK!  As usual, when trying to describe this to tech support who know how to configure cable boxes but have no idea how 802.11(x) wifi operates, trying to get the Comcast beast to CHANGE the SSIDs to something UNIQUE, such as "xfinitywifi + the last 4 hex characters of that modem's MAC address" is like trying to push a 2500 pound elephant up a hill.  Every hotspot having the same SSID must be ok or the Comcast beast wouldn't have done it.  So, expect wireless wifi in every Comcast city in America to become a nightmare of stations all with the same SSID crashing and crashing and trashing wifi for everyone, not just Comcast's inop customers unless FCC does its job.


SOLUTION - Unable to push the elephant beast to CHANGE its horrible mistake, I took it on myself to buy ($US24) the standard version of WirelessMon 4.0 from passmark.com in Oz, by recommendation of the smartest real network engineer I know.  WirelessMon 4.0 lists EVERY station in range of your wifi transceiver, not stupidly like Windoes.  YOU get to pick the one with the best signal on the least busy channel (has channel busy graph!).  WirelessMon 4.0 overrides the stupid OS connect window and gives YOU the choice of connecting to SSID....OR....the MAC address of a SPECIFIC AP (access point)!  Pick the MAC and click CONNECT and ONLY that xfinitywifi gets called, ignoring the Comcast mistake entirely.  Now, being the ONLY connection in all this mess that's actually connected and FUNCTIONAL....make sure your seat back is in the upright position and tray table is secure because YOU have ALL the bandwidth (25Mbps where I live) on the whole station...(c;]  Sorry, I don't see any Android, iOS or Applesoft port of this outstanding software.  Windows above XP, including Win10 is supported.  PROBLEM SOLVED.  World Series is on Fox Desportes in Spanish ONLY...on xfinitywifi hotspots and internet.


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It's a very interesting solution, but I am not quite the wiz that everyone assumes I am when it comes to networking - I don't see how this solves my problem. I can connect to my 'xfinitywifi' just fine - however, there appears to be no Internet connection.


I couldn't connect to xfinitywifi if I was getting, essentially speaking (since you're a ham...) desensed by all the other 'xfinitywifi' signals in my location. In point of fact, according to the Android software known as WiFi Analyzer, my version of 'xfinitywifi' is the strongest in my condo (where I'm trying to connect from) by a considerable margin.




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Did you add any devices to xfinitywifi earlier? Doubt that is the case, from what you are saying, but only 5 devices are allowed. So you must remove one to add another in the account settings 


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Nope, this is the first time I've attempted to, and with only a single device (my netbook)


I strongly suspect a configuration error at the router, but of course Tech-less support was about as useful as an empty canteen in the Mojave desert, and when a tech showed up, he said he knew nothing about it


Pretty useless feature if you can't use it - so for the time being, it's disabled anyway


Thanks for trying anyhow

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Wondering if you ever found a solution? My computer does exactly the same thing as yours--connects to wifi but not Internet.

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Year and a half old dead thread now being closed as per the forum guidelines, sorry.

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