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Can not access WiFi, IP address issue

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Can not access WiFi, IP address issue

Over the last couple days, my computer (Dell, Windows 10) has been unable to access the WiFi Network I previously logged into (comcast xfinity) even though I made sure the WiFi was on and the password correct. My troubleshooter gives me the message that "My wifi does not have a valid IP configuration." I did try to reset my IP address as an administrator using the "winsock" and "netsh int ip reset" codes/directions included in the attachment, as well as some other suggestions (all attached, none worked.) I've even granted all homegroup users in the control panel full network access, but the code was not successful although I no longer had the "access denied" message. I've found that my computer can get online if I turn on my phone as a hotspot and plug the cable into the computer, but this connection is not ideal and really really slow. The phone is not able to access WiFi via xfinity either, but can access other networks. Any insight?

Re: Can not access WiFi, IP address issue

Can you give us the make and model of your modem/router?