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Blast Plus Double Trouble Arris tg862- Bad wifi, slow downloads, lost connection

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After several days of chatting with Comcast customer support as to why my download speeds and wifi have been reduced since their "upgrade" I was finally told to get a different modem/router. I have blast plus 25/5 and i WAS getting the full 25/5 wirelessly and 30/5 wired. things WERE great until I got news that my Internet speeds doubled to 50/10 in my area and that i'd need to power cycle my modem. Thats when the problems started.

After the power cycle i noticed double upload speed, but that was it. shortly after i started experiencing wireless problems like missing calls and disconnected from online games. I was using the Arris tg862 which is currently experiencing firmware issues. Rather than waiting for a tech I decided to run to town and get a new modem myself. After waiting in line at the local Comcast store (not to mention driving 20 miles) I was given the exact same modem! I told the lady that the arris tg862 routers were experiencing firmware issues and I need a different model. She got angry and told me to try the new modem. I again told her the modem isn't the problem; connected via Ethernet I get my full speed, but wirelessly it's like dial up since the "upgrade". Even Facebook takes ages to load. She told me I'm the only one with the issue and that's the only docsis 3.0 modem/router they have. I told her i'm not the only one and I again asked "you dont have any other 3.0 modems"? she told me no the arris tg862 is the only one they carry. Out of frustration I accepted the "new" modem only to get home and activate with the SAME EXACT ISSUE; wifi not working properly (kicked out of online games, missing important VoIP calls, slower download speeds, random connection drops, packet loss, etc). I decided I'm not going to give xfinity's Indian technical support any more of my lifetime so I went ahead and purchased a new docsis 3.0 modem and router myself. The new modem is netgear cmd31t that I got for 79.99$ at Walmart. The router I got is Netgear N300 for 40$ from Walmart which supports N. After successfully activating my new modem I tested via Ethernet and noticed the download speeds were now double as well as upload! I'm consistantly getting 70/11 compared to the 30/11 from the arris tg862 rental modem. I though ok cool my problems now solved, right? wrong. I then successfully hooked up my new router and noticed still the same issue; wifi! I'm lucky to get 20/10 testing wirelessly and I still cannot play online games, still missing calls, still dropping connection, still same problems via wifi. I've already contacted xfinity technical support and I'm sure they know me by name now as I call way too much and even know their standard procedures and now usually i am a step ahead of them. No success. My biggest problem is missing calls via google voice VoIP service. Since the "free upgrade" I'm missing almost every call. Sometimes they're even forward to spam folder?? I time out of online games via wifi. The problems seems to be wifi only even after switching modems and routers! We've disabled QOS already and done all the other router tricks with no success. Is this router just not good enough?

Long story short:

Arris tg862 rental modem- 30/10 wired and 20/10 wifi

New Netgear CMD31T cable modem- 70/11 wired

New Netgear N300 Router- 20/10 Wifi

I'd just like my pre existing services. You guys can have your "upgrade" back if this is the case. I just want to be able to have hassle free service for 30 days for once! Upon signing up it took 11 days to get equipment installed properly due to traps, filters, etc. I've also already battled comcast for 60 days straight over NBA league pass only to get nowhere and refunded instead. I'm not so mad about the reduced download speed as I am about the hassle. Paying this much for service I shouldn't have the run around like this. Comcast should also have better tech support. I've wasted gas, money, and most importantly time that can't be refunded. I don't need a technician as I am tech savy myself. I need the problem identified in order to solve. I'm starting to believe comcast is the sole problem. How ironic Internet my service was fine until the "upgrade"? I think anyone who experienced this issue and found themselves earning a bachelors in wireless networking overnight should be generously rewarded by comcast. This is beyond bs!

For anyone with the Arris tg862 I recommend you go get yourself a different modem with your fingers crossed hoping a new one automatically fixes the problem. If not, well, you might find yourself spending 120$+ on Internet equipment that you currently already pay xfinity 7$ a month for.

I'm open to any other suggestions including different routers settings and even a entirely new router. I just want my services working properly. Most importantly receiving calls. In order for my VoIP to work properly my wifi must also. If I could come anywhere close to my current 70/11 wired via wifi I would be one happy camper, but like I've already said, wireless speeds are the least of my concerns at the moment, although it would be nice to get the most out of my service since I am paying for it Smiley Wink

P.S. I feel comcast is severely lacking genuine customer service with knowledge. Anyone can read a script. Not everyone can diagnose advanced wireless connections though. And I'm sure I speak for the majority when I say this, I'd prefer not handing out my personal info to several different representatives every time I call. You guys should issue a ticket number. I've heard your technical support is a bunch of ex convicts and here we are giving them our last 4. In my state we only have a cpl first 5's so it doesn't take a genius to commit identity theft. Speaking of identity theft, ever since my xfinity problems, I've been getting security breach warning emails left and right. SOMEONE'S trying to access my information. I know I know, it's just as much of a coincidence as my service crapping out with the "upgrade". I could go on for days about Comcast and the frustration behind my service(s). If it isn't one thing it's definately another. I truly feel bad for elderly people and wonder how they get by using xfinity services. If I don't figure out this problem soon I'll be forced to switch services in order to restore my phone service.
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Had the same problem but diffrent router xfinity smc-D3gnv they been working in my area all week ....had a windows security update today and also a norton update and well it seems to be working again ...had wireless for over 3 hours now so far so good ...not sure which one fixed it but the windows update was very interesting for the april 10th for windows xp you may want to check it out sounds like the security problem it was to fix was what my computer was doing ...interesting check it out




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thanks for this. i'm having same problem after 'upgrade'...great wired speeds, but pathetically slow wireless on all computers. your post probably saved me a lot of time trying to replace arris gateway.

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