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Arris TG852 Gateway-Password doesn't work for WIFI

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I had a tech out today for my slow internet problem.  He replace a cable in the basement & also left me with a different Gateway.  Swapped out the 862 for the 852.  Jury is still out on whether he actually fixed the problem (clocked .79Mpbs on Comcast an hour ago), but now I have a WIFI problem.  I could not connect any of my wireless devices using the password on the bottom of the gateway.  Kept getting "Wrong Password".  I managed to hook up 2 laptops & my Android phone by using the WPS button on the gateway or the PIN number on the gateway.  We originally tried passwords on all devices, but kept getting the same message.  Now we have no way to connect an IPhone4, as it doesn't seem to have an option for WPS or PIN #.   Any ideas would be appreciated.  Expecting another call from Corporate on Monday, so I hope this stuff is fixed.  I'm not holding my breath.

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press and hold the reset button on the back of the modem (small pin hole) for about 1 min this should factory reset the router to the password that is on bottom.


the access to get inside the modem should also be on the bottom of the modem so you can login and see the wireless settings.

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The 60 second reset allowed us to use the password on the Gateway, thanks.  Guess the used modem was changed prior.  I had reset, but didn't realize you had to hold it for 60 seconds.  Anyway was able to connect the Iphone & reconnect the others using the supplied password.  Doesn't really matter however, becuase my speed test just registered .35 download & 4.54 upload, ping 11.  The tech visit & inside rewiring did nothing.  Can't view video at all on wired or wireless.  I'm bummed.  Good news is I'm getting a call back on Monday...........


If the Gateway is the problem, can someone suggest a reasonably priced modem to buy?  I already have a router that I bought my son last fall for Comcast in State College.  This is just not working, so what do you all suggest?  I want my outside line that is around 26 years old changed, but buying a modem is the next step.  Thanks.