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Approved modems at Comcast

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A true story.  In this economy I'm looking for ways to cut expenses so I opted to purchase an ARRIS TM502G Telephony Modem to replace the identical model which my family had been leasing many years at $7 per month ($ 84 / year).  I purchased an ARRIS TM502G Telephony Modem from an Amazon seller for $36.44 which included $6.49 shipping charge.


My family has the package deal with Comcast (Cable TV, Telephone, and Internet) so this modem is for those of you who need Comcast Telephone.


The day came to activate our new but identical ARRIS TM502G Telephony Modem.  In a matter of 5 minutes I swapped out the modems.  The next step was to call Comcast to have them activate the new modem.  Comcast needs a couple MAC addresses off the Modem so they can activate it.


The first Comcast call.  I was asked for the MAC addresses so that the customer server rep could activate the modem.  I was put on hold for 3-5 minutes while the customer server rep activated the modem (so I thought).  When the rep returned I was asked where I had purchased the modem.  "From an Amazon seller I replied".  Sir I'm sorry but we cannot activate that modem because it was not issued by Comcast was the reply.  I'm sure there is some legal agreement between ARRIS and Comcast which I'm not familiar with so I won't harsh on Comcast Monopolistic approach to leasing $7 per month modems to their loyal clients.  What next I thought..."What do I do I asked the Rep".  It was recommended to return the modem which I was not happy about.  "What modem can I purchase and have it honored by Comcast as one they will activate", I asked?  The reply:"Arris TM722G Touchstone Telephony Modem TM722G" from Best Buy our exclusive distributor.  Ok I reply and the first conversation with Comcast came to an end.


The Best Buy search.  I called the local Best Buy retailer only to find out they did not carry the "Arris TM722G Touchstone Telephony Modem TM722G".  I checked the Best Buy Web Site (of course after I hooked up the old modem because the new one did not work) only to find out the TM722G modem cannot be found.  I gave up the search for the TM722G.  At this point in the process I'm more than a little disturbed with Comcast's modem monopoly.


Call 2 to Comcast:  I had a little more luck this time.  The rep did activate the ARRIS TM502G Telephony Modem.  Word of caution.  Since our landline service is thru Comcast the land line telephone is not operational during the activation process and the new modem which is located in the basement (the basement has no cell signal) so I was outside on my cell phone talking with Comcast and had to put my cell phone down whenever I needed info from the modem located in the basement.  I'm not sure what I would have done without the alternate cell phone.  The new ARRIS TM502G was activated and very quickly we had internet and TV service however still no telephone service.  The customer server rep said he did all he was capable and would open a service ticket to have a Comcast tech look into it.  I was told someone from Comcast would be working the service ticket within 4 hours.  4 1/2 hours later they did call and had our telephone working.  However in the process my modem had been reset to its factory settings which required me to reconfigure for our home network not to mention activating a network bridge so it would talk to the reconfigured router.


The moral of the story.  Be persistent and polite with Comcast and I think you too can eliminate the expense of your Comcast leased modem.  I recommend replacing your Comcast leased with an identical model.  The theory behind the recommendation is if the Old/leased modem worked then a replacement modem of the same model should work just as good.


Good luck.

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Did your phone service started right away?