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I just received a DPC 3941T Wireless Gateway router.  I haven't had any problems connecting to the Web Service at  I am appalled that Xfinity subjects its home users to this highly technical tool.  You couldn't afford to add a user friendly front end similar, for example, to Linksys?  Obviously it was designed to be used by network administrators, not casual home users.  Anyway, my question concerns the Connected Devices lists.  Some devices are named by their MAC address.  I can't find a way to identify these devices.  My opinion is that the router should never connect a device if it can't find its host name.  I have been blocking them to see if anything happens.  So far nothing has happened but they remain in the lists.  Having unidentified devices on my network is just creepy.


So I have two questions.  What are these devices ID'd only by a MAC address and how do I permanently remove them from the list?


Thanks, Tim Litten

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I need to correct my previous post.  I discovered the xFi page, which is a partial front end of the Web Service.  Most users can do everything they want through it.  Users who need to do more probably have enough expertise to handle the Web Service directly. 


The MAC addresses in the Connected Devices lists refer to various devices that need to connect to function.  You can get the name of the device manufacturer from the MAC address.  I've been using http://hwaddress.com/ for that.  Unfortunately, the companies don't bother to tell you what device it is but you can usually guess.  For example, one of them on my network was from Edimax.  They make the power line Wi-Fi extenders I'm using.  Obviously they have to connect to the network.  You should be able to track all the devices on your network.  If you find one you can't identify, then block it and see if any whining ensues.

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I just learned that the power line extender is actually from TP-Link and it doesn't appear in the Connected Device list.  So I haven't figured out what the Edimax device is and I don't know why the power line extender doesn't appear on the device list.  Other than that, I'm fine.

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