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x1 diag screen

Anyone know how to acress the x1 box diagnostic screen?



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Re: x1 diag screen

I would like to know this as well, so giving it a bump.

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Re: x1 diag screen

Hold down Exit button for 5 seconds

hit down arrow twice

push 2 button


that brings up diag screen.   Use arrows to navigate.  Exit button to exit diags.

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Re: x1 diag screen

Well dang... I'm guessing its showing the ammount in kbps.... so that is around 460GB

I'm wondering if Comcast is planning to have 1TB drives in the final non Beta X1 units. 

Because it seems every tech the tech I talked to knew was told it was supposed to have em. 

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Re: x1 diag screen

These are the final boxes.  There will likely be newer boxes with perhaps different available storage and/or ability to store/access things in the cloud.