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ref code S0a00, new box

just got a new motorola box, tv was working fine for an hour but then i start getting this reference code. I dont understand why it doesn't work after its only been installed for an hour. please help!!

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Re: ref code S0a00, new box

just what it says above SOaOO

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Re: ref code S0a00, new box

The error indicates a signal issue to the box, check that the F connectors are snug at the TV outlet, the back of the box and at any accessable splitters.  Make sure you are not routing your coax through any AC surge protector strip coax ports.


I would say call Comcast support and insist on a tech visit, they can tell if the system can communicate with the box or not.


The tech will have the test equipment to confirm the levels at the outlet and find and fix the issue.  Since it was working for a bit, your signal levels might be just low enough for intermittent signal levels for the box to work.

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Re: ref code S0a00, new box



Sorry about the inconvenience you are having.

Please confirm that you are still experiencing the same issues so that I can reset your equipment and troubleshoot with your box.

Thank You