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...That's what my box reads, just before it blinks out and my service is again interrupted. Then it continues to cycle through this ridiculously maddening process of presumably trying to fix itself, going from a black TV screen, to a "Please Wait" message, to a static screen. It does this several times-- dozens of times-- before finally tuning in. Then, just when I'm about as interested in a program as I could possibly be, it goes out again."8888" the box reads, then the vicious cycle just starts all over again.


I have had this service for just a few days now, and am quite perturbed to already be experiencing these sorts of troubles.


One would think that the price of Comcast services would be difficult to justify if the service itself is less than flawless... and well, it is so very far from flawless.


I am told that I may require new hardware, which makes me wonder all the more where my many dollars are going. This box is brand new! 


Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? If so, may i ask how it was resolved?

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Re: "8888"...

Call 1-800-COMCAST and ask for a service call, or if it is close take the box to the local COMCAST office and ask for a replacement.
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Re: "8888"...

This is a indication of a firmware/software download.  The box may need to be replaced if it continues to cycle.