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Run new line for new tv in another room of house

I want to put a tv in a room where there is no line.  What is the cost?   Do I need a converter for that set also.  I am now paying for three.  Do we always need to put a converter on every tv?  I thought it was just for the old sets.

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Re: Run new line for new tv in another room of house

Since Comcast encrypts a lot of channels all tvs in a house will need a box to receive channels above LImited Basic tier. A DTA would work also, these were made for older tvs without digital tuners.


Can't help on the cost since costs vary by each Comcast market and this is mainly a customer to customer help forum. Even the Comcast employees that help here may just have your local office call you.

For pricing the safest bet for installation costs would be to call your local office.