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Remote on DVR - does not work

When using the remote on the DVR and using the guide button for TV Listings - However when I use the stroll button the TV listing keeps strolling.   Do I need a new remote?

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Re: Remote on DVR - does not work

Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your Comcast remote control. I would like to suggest a few things before having you exchange the remote control.


First, try changing the batteries in the remote control.


Another thing to try would be to unplug your cable box from the AC power outlet and then plug it back in again. That may straighten things out.


Sometimes there can also be interference with compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) in the room.


If you are still having a problem, you can exchange your Comcast remote control at any of our area service centers at no charge or call us at 1-800-COMCAST and we can arrange to get a replacement remote control out to you.

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Re: Remote on DVR - does not work

I am on my 4th (!!!!) DVR in about 6 months because of this problem.

It's happening angain right now!

Tomorrow, the box goes back, I will pcik up an non-DVR box, and then begin researching alternatives to Comcast.

Enough is enough!

After being a loyal customer for over 15 years, I expect better equipment and better service, especially considering the amount of money I pay out every month.

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Re: Remote on DVR - does not work

I had that happen on a SD box. I just pressed the right or left arrow key twice to stop it.

Give that a try.