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Question about necessity of DTA in my home

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Question about necessity of DTA in my home

Hey, just curious... this might sound like a stupid question, but I have to ask it.


My TV is a Magnavox 32MD359b, which is digital ready. I got the letter to request the DTA devices from Comcast, but it puzzled me. Now, surely... I do not expect Comcast to know whether or not I have a digitally capable television, so that wasn't the issue. I've had the TV for well over a year and it has picked up many oddball channels (none of significant value, like a premium channel or those I'm not paying for anyway) but most importantly, the local stations broadcast "." and a number after their main channel number to offer local news, weather, special interest programming, etc.


I've always assumed that if I bought a digital antenna amplifier, I'd get these without any help from Comcast.


What has been happening, however, is that the channels I once got, and especially disturbing to me, the local ones, are now NOT coming in and are reading on my TV's screen as "scrambled"!!!

This is ludicrous. They are free one way or the other. I want my local .nuisance channels.


So... back to the DTAs. I got to thinking that if I ordered the DTA and put it on my already-digital-signal-capable television, I'd perhaps get my local .channels back.


Now, after searching the internet, which led me to these customer support and service forums, I see that many many people are having issues with the DTAs.


I feel as if I am back to square one. If my TV is digital-signal ready and I've BEEN getting the local .channels for more than a year and now I am not, is a DTA (not activated yet) really needed? Should I disconnect my coax and get rid of the cable signal completely and invest the pocket change needed for a digital antenna amplifier?


Any opinions/suggestions would be welcomed!


FYI: I am a basic package subscriber only, no more, no less, no interest. I am an avid outdoors person with no interest in movies, reality TV, etc. and only have patience for local news, weather, etc. I can get this via internet or digital amplifed signal w/out Comcast and the DTAs, yes?


Thanks in advance for any help. I've stopped with the DTA install and am leaving it in limbo until I get some updated info.

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Re: Question about necessity of DTA in my home

Rich, thanks for your input. Though you have no suggestions, as you say... we are not alone, and that in and of itself *is* a small relief.


As for the digital encryption of free channels... wow. Talk about retarded. So if I want to get these channels, I'll need to purchase a digital antenna amplifier OR remove the coax cable from my television.... no sense in activating/installing DTA units that work iffy at best.


I wonder if I ought to simply send them back... problem being in that case, how to go about doing it? ANyone know of a place or page on the comcast site for returns? I guess if I was happening to drive past a brick-and-mortar office, I could drop them off... yeah?


I want my free channels without more disruptions to my service. Maybe I can find a switch box for A/B to "turn on/off" the cable and go to antenna mode, rather than actually, physically removing the coax. OTOH, maybe I'll just disconnect it entirely. If Comcast isn't offering anything I really want anymore, then why bother? (Don't mind me, I'm musing aloud.)

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Re: Question about necessity of DTA in my home

I don't have suggestions but I do have a comment. I am in the same position as you, since Wednesday of last week. My problem, as I was told, was that I needed new DTA's, having once installed and then removed the old ones. I went to the office, picked those up, and followed the installation. I am back to the same problem, all channels are scrambled and service is interupted.


The issue I have is that at the beginning of the migration, Comcast said you would not need the converter boxes with cable. I forewent the coupon/purchase program and stayed with Comcast. I too have the basic channels. I need and want only those. But now it seems at the end of the migration, I did need the converter. I am not sure what the issues are. I can suggest you do as I am and am beginning the process of finding other options whether through another provide, EPB basic is 11.99, or by purchasing a digital antenna.


Good luck and know you are not alone.

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Re: Question about necessity of DTA in my home

The DTA is only for the purpose of providing the expanded basic channels that were previously available in analog form, but are now encrypted digital channels.