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Local Comcast Phone Numbers??

Does anyone know where to find the phone number for local comcast offices? I don't want to drive all over the bay area looking for one. I'm looking for the east bay. Like Hayward, Fremont, Milipitas, etc. I did call comcast and made an appointment for the Mcard install on sunday That was the earliest they had. But if I can find a local comcast office that has some I can get it sooner. It seems like the Mcard is very very hard to get in the bay area..

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Re: Local Comcast Phone Numbers??

Local offices are not geared up for answering calls anymore like they were 20 years ago.  The numbers are not public, and unavailable unless you stumble across one that someone posted.


If you look up the service centers in your area, the addresses and hours are posted, but always show the national toll free numbers.


Service center locator is here

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Re: Local Comcast Phone Numbers??

My bill has the addresses and hours of the local service centers, but not their phone numbers.