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Help with Error Message s0900

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Help with Error Message s0900

I have been reading around about how to get cable to my room and nothing has helped yet.


Here's the problem,


I just moved into a house with a bunch of people and they have cable and internet (both with comcast) hooked up to the living room but not any of the rooms. I decided to try and fix this cause I wanted to watch cable in my room. There were two extra brand new HD Receiver boxes with HDMI output (the boxes that use the large grey remotes to get on-deman) laying around so I figured I would grab one and try to hook it up. I ended up plugging in the box in my room downstairs and after a couple adjustments I ended up getting HD service in my room.


My roomate wanted the same thing so we tried to hook up cable in his room the same way. After screwing around with the cable in the basement where the input comes in from the street we figured it out. For one night I had my room, his room and the living room all receving HD service working like a charm. The next day after moving around the living room TV, my cable and my roomates cable have both reference code s0900 showing up on the screen.The living room and internet are working fine.


After this I tried to mess around with the splitter downstairs to see what was going on. I noticed that the cable coming in is split to a two way which one cable goes to the living room and the other wire goes to a 3 way splitter which is my room and my roomates. I believe the 3 way splitter has a 5dB output and the 2 way has a 3.5dB output.


What my concern is that the signal strength is way too low and is getting dropped within the splitter itself.


Does this sound at all right?

Could three HD boxes be too much for one line into the house?

I am confused because the tv's were all working and now only the living room works, why would it not work after moving around one box?

Also these comcast boxes are not exactly registered with the account so if I called a technician to stop by will he grab the boxes back?

Would a technician be able to figure this out?



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Smiley Happy


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Re: Help with Error Message s0900

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Re: Help with Error Message s0900

Once the boxes are placed back online and not associated with a active account, they will shut down, and could be the reason for the error code.


It can still be a signal issue due to too many splits, this totally depends on how "hot" the signal is coming into the house.  The incoming signal level is not the same for every home, that determines how many splits can be made before a drop amp needs to be added.


If you call a tech, and it is a inside wiring issue, you will be charged a service visit for repairs, since the inside wiring and splitters are owned by the homeowner or landlord.