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Guide not loading

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Guide not loading

on monday 10/18/2010 i received a new any-room dvr (comcast claims we are the first ones in our area to get it) it's the dcx3400 and dcx3200 the 3400 is the dvr the 3200 is HD box that communicates with dvr to watch recorded dvr programs in another room. while the 3200 guide is loaded all the way until november 2, the dvr (3400) won't load beyond 4 hours of current time. comcast sent a bunch of "reset signals" with no success. I don't know if i'm actually seeking advice or just ranting, but i think comcast has the worst customer service, some of the dumbest techs. and the most rediculous equipment and program guides I have ever seen, the reason I use them for t.v. is because i love having the 50mbps internet, and its cheaper if I have a bundle package. Boo comcast, you're falling behind to your competetors i think a company over-haul (not just a new word-xfinity) is in line, rethink your entire system, better equipment, better customer service, and for God's sake, a nicer more customer oriented program guide and menu. and how about an option that lets you hide all channel duplicates??

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Re: Guide not loading

Had problem for a few months with guide not loading for more than 4 hrs.  Just got TBA then guide just stopped after scrolling out to 10 hrs.  Tech came, signal OK, got a different box, still didn't load.  Another tech came, same thing, guide still wouldn't load.  A third tech came, wanted to change the coax cable, which I refused.  It made no sense since the signal was the same as the other cable that is connected to my other TV, and the guide worked fine on that box.  Finally I disconnected the box, went to the customer service center and insisted that they give me the newest model of box, none of these old ones that were recycled numerous times.  It is a small HD box, I connected it and it worked fine.  Guide fully loaded overnight.  Now I have a guide out to 2 weeks. I think it is these old recycled boxes that are the problem.  The ones that the techs gave me were each at least 4 years old, based on the stickers on the bottom of the boxes.  Thank goodness I didn't let them tear out my coax cables in my house, seems that Comcast must know that there is a guide problem, they wasted my time and the tech time.  It would be nice if Comcast would reimburse me for all the hours of work I had to miss while waiting for multiple service calls for no reason.

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Re: Guide not loading

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The guide should fully populate in 24-48 hours after power up.  What can slow down or kill the guide download is either a bad DVR or signal issues with the out of band OOB channel.


Remember, every time the reset signal gets sent or you repower your DVR, you are starting over on how long the guide takes.


Best bet is to get the tech back out to check you signals at the DVR outlet with his SLM,   It could be as simple as a bad section of coax, staple in the coax, very sharp bend in the coax, bad coax jumper, loose / wet / corroded F connector.  Many times subscribers route their coaxial cable thru a AC surge protector strip and that will kill off part of the signal causing issues like this, so please make sure your coax is run straight from the splitter to the DVR.


To check your OOB channel take the Comcast remote and turn off the DVR, and within 2 seconds, press the red OK button.


The diagnostics page will come up, with the cursor, arrow down to D03 OOB status and press OK.  The OOB status page will come up,   The SNR and AGC need to both show GOOD.  If they don't then there is a signal issue that needs addressing.


If  the OOB signals show good, then the DVR probably should be swapped, but remember to give it 24-48 hours without interruption to fully load.