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Extra cable outlet, and digital transition q's

Hi.  I have several questions regarding Cable TV service.


1. How much would it generally cost to have a technician come out and install another cable outlet in a bedroom?  It would be split from a coax cable in an adjacent attic and fished down the wall, no outside installation or anything.


2. Regarding the digital TV transition.  Currently one of our bedrooms has a TV directly connected to the wall, no cable box or anything.  Is a digital converter necessary if that TV has a built-in digital tuner?  


3. If we install cable in the bedroom described in #1, and have the bedroom described in #2, how much would it cost to have HD cable boxes in both of those bedrooms?  Or would the digital converter be similar to a cable box that we could get HD service?  We currently have an HD box on our main TV.



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Re: Extra cable outlet, and digital transition q's

1. You should call Comcast to get answers to pricing questions, they differ from town to town.


2. If the TV has a digital tuner, it can tune any non-encrypted channels. Unfortunately, Comcast is planning on eventually encrypting all or most digital channels. If the TV has a CableCard slot, this can be used to decrypt the channels in your service plan. I've read some messages saying this is free, others have mentioned $1.99/mo.


3. As above, pricing varies, so you should call Comcast. I don't understand the second part of your question. HD and SD digital converters are different models of cable boxes.