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EAS or ERS message on DVR

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EAS or ERS message on DVR

The Display on my DCH3416 is displaying either EAS or ERS or ER5, I cannot be sure which.  Cannot change channels.  Tried turning it off with controller and that worked and it will turn on  but cannot change channels and the message will not change.  Have been having trouble with the controller as it will not accept 3 digit numbers  for channels.  However, it would accept two and I could press the yellow bar to go to HD channels but still could not change channels by typing 3 digit numbers.

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Re: EAS or ERS message on DVR

UNPLUG the power cord from the back of your DVR. Wait about a minute, plug it back in.


After the box turns back on and is ready to use EAS should be gone.


Also, a power cycle of the box will usually cure the problems with the remote and allow you to use 3 numbers.


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